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Why giving custom T-shirts to employees is a good idea

Posted by Marawan Ghanem on

There's not one event today that doesn't make it to social media. It's not just restricted to non-public moments either – your employees, too, use social media to share pictures of corporate events, team lunches, or casual Fridays at the workplace. Imagine having all of your employees wearing Rick & Morty t-shirt together with your company's logo emblazoned on them, in one among these pictures.

Benefits of Gifting Custom T-Shirts to the Employees:

1. Increased employee motivation
By giving out free samples of t-shirts, you determine a gift system that the workers can anticipate. It's a standard notion that aside from monetary benefits, the 'gifts' that employees receive help create a bond between them and thus the organization, and therefore, a highly engaged and motivated workforce.
A motivated employee is way more productive and can go the additional mile to realize organizational goals. All this, with just a custom t-shirt! It seems like a sweet deal, right?
2. Free brand advertising
To execute a brand awareness campaign successfully, you've got to rent a brand-building expert. A team of well-trained professionals needs to put some extra money for the prices involved in getting the ball rolling, among others.
With custom t-shirts, this might be finished free. Gift your employees' custom t-shirts together with your company's logo emblazoned on them, and you've got yourself a mobile brand awareness medium.
And don't forget that 'word of mouth is an old but effective way to spreading awareness of your brand. Your employee's friends, relations, or relatives might see them wearing the t-shirt. It'd impress them enough to require them to figure with you, consider doing business with you, or buy your product/service.
3. Creates more 'bonding' amongst the workers
Planning some team-building activities for your next offsite? Getting to surprise an employee with a birthday party? Promoting a social cause?
All these events are often wont to gift custom t-shirts to your employees and make comradeship between them. Plus, imagine all those pictures rising on social media – you'll be within the spotlight for winning company culture.

The Final Say

It is safe to mention that the advantages of printing your custom t-shirts outweigh the drawbacks, be it for your start-up business or an already established one. Whether you would like to unite the workers, make an ever-friendly workplace environment, or usher in new customers to your start-up.
Great unity amongst the workplace and brand recognition worldwide is the core reason a corporation strives and achieves success. Having your custom-designed t-shirts is the way to success in your new start-up or an already established company.
Having these custom t-shirts from Northbay shirts will likely return you more revenue and maybe a relatively cheap way of spreading the word to people across the planet, whether you opt to sell them off as merchandise or give them away as a present for free of charge. Either way, it can become a really big positive for you and help your business reach heights it's never seen before.


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